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“Woman on Top” Caused the Great Flood

17 September 2011

I thought this picture would portray what the Great Flood would look like today. I got this pic from freedigital photos.net from Danilo Rizzuti. Click on the picture to learn more about him.

While no sex position could actually cause a flood, some individuals during medieval times believed that it did. And yes, the Great Flood refers to the flood in the Bible with Noah and the arc. So which position caused this terrible calamity? It was none other than the commonly performed ‘woman on top’ position. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, medieval people thought that this position brought about disaster to people in the Old Testament. Why? It was because of how they perceived sex and sexual roles.

The Church considered sex a sin, but in the sacred act of marriage it was holy and safe to perform it as long as the goal was to procreate and not for pleasure. They believed that the missionary position was the best way to procreate and that other positions could change the role each person was supposed to play in society. The man was dominate (on top) while the women was submissive (on bottom). So when a woman was placed above the man, it reversed the gender order as the woman was in the dominate position. It was this reversal that medieval people believed caused disorder to society as women were in power over men. As people were wild and full of sin, God created the Great Flood to get rid of the sinful aspects of humanity and start over with Noah.

The ‘woman on top’ was a position that the Church did not want people to perform as it was a bad position for society. It was also considered an inefficient means to produce children. The missionary position was the ‘only’ appropriate way to do it. Even though the Church said no, I have no doubt that people did this anyways. More importantly, this position altered society by placing women in the power position instead of men. This resulted in God creating the Great Flood to destroy most of humanity and some medieval people to believe this could actually happen.


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